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BTL Athletes Scholarship Winner Profile: Alaysia Oakes
Alaysia Oakes is a motivated and athletic student who was recently one of the five winners of the BTL Athletes Scholarship [] on []. The scholarship was funded by BTL Industries, Inc. and was open to low-income student-athletes who play varsity or collegiate sports. Applicants submitted short videos introducing themselves, their goals, and clips of them playing their sport. Each winner received $15,000 to help wit
When to Take the MCAT | Choose Just the Right Time to Ace the Exam
If you’re a prospective medical school student, one of the most important aspects of the application process that admissions committees place a high value on is your MCAT score. Thus, it’s crucial that you study hard and prepare diligently before attempting the exam. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering when to take the MCAT to achieve the best results. Beyond ensuring you’ve done a sufficient amount of studying for the exam, perhaps using one of the excellent prep books listed here [ht
MCAT Study Schedule | Good Planning Will Help You Ace the Test
When it comes to preparing to apply to medical school, many students dread the formidable MCAT exam. It’s long, comprehensive, and extremely challenging. Luckily, the exam doesn’t have to be as daunting as you’d think. All you need is some study materials, like one of the best MCAT prep books [], an online mcat prep course [], some time, and a thought-out, organized MCAT study schedule. In this gu
MCAT Sections | Get To Know the Breakdown of the Test
It’s time to start studying. You have been working for so long, and you are finally approaching the finished line. The only thing standing between you and your dream medical school is the MCAT sections and scores. You have analyzed the MCAT prep books [] reviews and are ready to purchase your books and begin preparing for your MCAT. Or maybe you considered some of the best MCAT classes online [].
When to Take the LSAT | All You Need To Learn About the Test Dates
Deciding when to take the LSAT is a dilemma every aspiring lawyer in the US and Canada faces. Most ABA-accredited law schools require their would-be students to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). But like most standardized tests, we can't just take the LSAT any time we like, even if we’ve reviewed [] for the LSAT already and are more than prepared. Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the nonprofit organization that administers the LSAT,
LSAT Cost & Why the Test Is Worth the Investment
As if the unparalleled difficulty of the LSAT exam wasn’t enough to make it a daunting endeavor, the LSAT cost adds a further element of fear for prospective law school students. If you’ve already purchased a Kaplan or other great LSAT prep books [], then it’s time to start thinking about preparing financially for the exam itself. Indeed, the LSAT is by no means a cheap exam, but in this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know about the c
SAT Grammar Rules | All You Need to Know to Improve Your Grammatical Skills
As most SAT prep books we reviewed [] as well as SAT prep courses [] say, when preparing for the SAT® Writing Section, one of the most commonly tested topics is subject-verb agreement. As the name suggests, the "subject" and the "verb" must be in "agreement". In other words, if the subject is singular (the person, place or thing is just one), then there should be a singular verb used in the sentence.
How to Study for the SAT | Test Guide and Prep Hacks
Anyone who’s dreaming of getting into a very good university in the United States knows that they need to ace the SATs if they want to get a step closer to their dreams. With the scale of this exam, however, it can feel like a major undertaking. The size of the test coverage alone would already feel so intimidating for a lot of kids. But did you know that learning how to study for the SAT can be the best way to address this concern? By learning the right techniques in how to tackle this standar
Difference Between ACT and SAT | Guide to Test Formats, Subjects and Questions
High school students in the US, like in many parts of the world, are tested on their knowledge and college readiness using standardized exams. However, unlike in other countries, you have options in fulfilling the college admissions requirements for such. You can either take the SAT or the ACT, depending on various factors. It can be a bit confusing which one to go for, though, so you might want to learn about the difference between ACT and SAT. To help you in this area, we’ve come up with a qu
How Long Is the LSAT? | Manage Your Exam Time Wisely
For all prospective law students, there is a specter that haunts their undergraduate years. For all the learning and growing and fun they have as college students, somewhere in the backs of their minds is the lingering knowledge that, sooner or later, they will have to face the daunting task of taking the LSAT. The LSAT, short for Law School Admission Test (so if people say LSAT test it is actually redundant), is the exam that law schools across the country require every prospective student to
How Hard is the MCAT | A Thorough Research into the Difficulty Level
Most folks, especially those who took pre-med courses, will find themselves asking the question, ‘how hard is the MCAT?’ way before they start preparing for the said test. The answer will pretty much determine a student’s behavior towards the said test, so it’s crucial to provide the correct response to this query. In this guide, we’ll assist you in better gauging the difficulty level of the MCAT. Hopefully, we’ll also give you a good glimpse into the test to help you craft a solid and effectiv
How Many Times Can You Take the SAT? | The Number of Retakes Matters
As high school senior students around the country start the process of applying to college admissions, there’s one piece of the admissions puzzle that is often a source of dread for many of these students: the SAT exam. We all know that, despite its recent waning importance, an applicant’s SAT score is one of the most significant factors admissions counselors will weigh in determining whether a student is a good fit for a school. Since it’s so important for students, it’s crucial that you thor
What is a College Major?
Deep diving into the world of higher education can be overwhelming. With so many fields of study to pick from, having to choose only one may feel impossible. Before making your decision, it's important to take a step back and look over exactly what you're deciding on. The short answer: a college major is a student's chosen field of study that determines the coursework a student must complete to attain a college degree. Often, graduates base their careers around their college majors, so your fiel
The Best States for College Students in 2022
The college years are full of excitement, learning, and lots of growth. Everyone has a unique experience, and that experience can be heavily determined by where you attend college. Every state has different offerings when it comes to being a college student and we wanted to find out which were the best! We looked at factors that heavily impact students, including the cost of tuition, living expenses, graduation rates, and the number of college students in each state. See which states are the be
Most Popular College Majors in 2022
Choosing what you study in college is a big deal. It can be a determining factor in what career field you work in and what you end up doing for the rest of your life. We wanted to know what fields students are most interested in, so we took a look at our database of over 1.5 million students to find out what majors are the most popular in the United States. Take a look at what we found out! Breaking down the most popular college majors in 2022 1. Most popular college major by state 2. Top te
The 2022 College Showdown
We're hosting our own version of March Madness: the College Showdown. Following the structure of March Madness, we'll be pitting the most popular universities against each other - but there's a catch! The most popular universities will be decided by your votes on Instagram []! From there, we'll have head-to-head voting to discover the winner. The best part? If your school wins, so do you! A student from the winning school will win an EXCLUSIVE $10
How to Find Scholarships
Figuring out how to find scholarships is simpler than it seems: in a nutshell, resources like online scholarship platforms and College Board can allow students to access hundreds of scholarships. Other ways to find scholarships include your high school’s guidance office or the financial aid office of a university. College is expensive, but financial aid like college scholarships can greatly decrease the cost of tuition. Since scholarships are essentially free money that doesn’t need to be repaid
What is a Good ACT Score?
Getting a good ACT score can open up doors of opportunity for you to be accepted at your dream college or to obtain an advantageous merit scholarship. But how do you know what your target score should be? What is a good ACT score in 2022? Generally speaking, a good ACT score is 24 or higher; that's because it's best to aim for an ACT composite score that's in the 75th percentile or above. However, a score that's "good" for you may not be the same as for somebody else – your ACT score goal will
What is the Difference Between a Grant and a Scholarship?
Understanding the difference between a grant and a scholarship is complex, but here is the short answer: Scholarships [] can come from many different sources, are typically merit-based, and are exclusively for higher education expenses. Grants, however, are not solely reserved for tuition, are normally need-based, and often come from the federal government. The main differences between scholarships and grants 1. Where the gift aid is being applied 2. How someone
How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter
After earning a scholarship, many forget to write a scholarship thank you letter. This simple, six-step guide will show you how to structure yours.
What Is a Merit Based Scholarship?
When applying for scholarships, many students ask, "What is a merit based scholarship []?" It's a great question, but the answer has multiple parts: 1. Definition of a merit based scholarship 2. Merit scholarship factor 1: Academics 3. Merit scholarship factor 2: Extracurricular activities 4. Merit scholarship factor 3: Other factors 5. Types of merit based scholarships 6. Frequently asked questions about merit based scholarships 7. How
How to Set Up a Memorial Scholarship Fund
You want your memorial scholarship to truly honor your loved one, but attempting to create a memorial scholarship can feel confusing and daunting. Here's how to start a memorial scholarship in minutes: 1. About memorial scholarships 2. Create your donor account 3. Submit your proposal 4. Finalize the details with our philanthropy team 5. Review the draft we create 6. Fund the scholarship 7. Frequently asked questions about memorial scholarships 8.'s free memorial scholarship ma
The Ultimate Guide on Student Loan Forgiveness in 2022
The nation's student loan debt grows six times faster than the nation's economy. Click to learn how student loan forgiveness works today!
How to Start a Scholarship Fund
Creating a scholarship can feel daunting. There are many options available (ranging from setting it up yourself to using a scholarship management service). This post will guide you through the scholarship creation process.
How to Write a Scholarship Essay
College scholarship essays are part of many applications as a way for the scholarship committees to learn more about the candidates and their motivations. They have the power to make or break your scholarship application. Because of this, writing a scholarship essay can often seem stressful and daunting. As a way to ease the essay writing process, we have compiled steps for writing strong scholarship essays, tips to make them stand out to a scholarship committee, and questions students often as
How to Apply for Scholarships
This guide offers a comprehensive list of tips on how to apply for scholarships and maximize your winnings.
How to choose a college in 2022
Pursuing a college degree can be a helpful step in achieving one's personal and professional goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics [] reports that workers with higher education make more money than individuals with only a college degree; moreover, many jobs require candidates to have a bachelor's degree or higher. That being said, choosing a college can be a very daunting task. Every student has a unique set of wants and needs fr
The Most Sought-After Colleges and Universities in the United States
Choosing which college or university to attend is a big decision, and everyone wants to make sure they choose the school that’s best for them and their future! We reviewed the schools of interest for our database of more than 1.7 million profiles to find out which colleges and universities students are most eager to attend. Here’s how schools ranked in the United States: #1: University of California, Los Angeles Location: Los Angeles, California Students enrolled: 45,900 Acceptance rate: 14%