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College degree trends
Over the years, the most popular degree programs change. Check out this guide to learn more about college degree trends.
Most important factors for choosing a college degree
Choosing a major is an important, but daunting decision, so here are some important factors to consider when choosing your college degree to help.
When does interest start on student loans?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
When does student loan repayment start?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
How to take out a student loan
Student loans are a popular option for college students, so as you consider your financial options, check out this guide on how to take out a student loan.
Is student loan forgiveness real?
The topic of student loan forgiveness has been hotly debated for several years now, and as you plan your future, you will need to know if it is a reality.
Difference between financial aid and scholarship
Navigating the world of financial aid can be difficult, what with loans, grants, scholarships, fellowships, and more. Read on to learn more comprehensively about the specifics of scholarships and financial aid.
When do college applications open?
Preparing for college applications requires having an organized schedule. Check out this guide to learn when college applications open so you can start yours.
Can you use student loans for rent?
Student loans alleviate much of the burden of tuition, but attending college has many other expenses. Read on to learn if you can use your loans to pay rent.
Difference between fellowship and scholarship
The words fellowship and scholarship are frequently tossed around during discussions of financial aid. Read this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of what the two actually mean.
Do NAIA schools give athletic scholarships?
The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has tons of student athletes, but do these athletes receive athletic financial aid? Read on to learn more.
When do you repay money granted through a scholarship?
Scholarships are a popular source of financial aid, but it’s not always clear how different they are from loans. Read this guide to learn if scholarships are another form of financial aid that requires payment.
How long does it take to pay off student loans?
Loans make it possible for thousands to attend college, but paying them off can take time. Read this guide to learn how long it takes to pay off student loans.
How to get a football scholarship
Football scholarships are competitive, but they can be of great assistance to athletes looking to pursue higher education.
What GPA do you need to get a full scholarship?
Full scholarships are incredibly rewarding, but they are also competitive. Read on to learn about how your GPA could assist your application to a full scholarship.
Does paying a student loan build credit?
A good credit score will make your future finances much easier to manage. Check out this guide to see if paying your student loans can help boost that credit.
How to get a scholarship for baseball
Baseball is known as the American pastime, but did you know it could also help you get a college scholarship? Read on to learn more about how you can use your athletic talents to pursue your degree.
When are scholarships awarded?
Scholarships often operate on strict deadlines, requiring applicants to submit all their materials in a timely manner. But when do scholarship providers actually award scholarship funds? Read on to find out.
How to apply for merit scholarships
Applying for merit scholarships is easy if you know where to look. Merit scholarships are a form of financial aid that award free money to students with outstanding achievements. Extremely good grades and academic achievement can result in merit-based aid. According to research from the 2019-2020 school year, 22% of undergraduate college students received some kind of merit-based scholarship. High school students are eligible for merit awards as well— anyone can win a merit scholarship. It can
How long is a college essay?
The length of a college essay can vary, but if it’s too long or short, readers will not be impressed. Read this guide to learn how long a real college essay is.
Can transfer students get scholarships?
Although transfer students often save money by attending two years of community college, this doesn't change the fact that transferring to a four-year institution is still incredibly expensive.
Does Stanford give scholarships?
Located in the city of Palo Alto, California, Stanford University is an incredibly prestigious school. Every year, the college receives applications from thousands of local and international students who want to get a Stanford education. However, in addition to its prestige, Stanford is also incredibly expensive. Tuition alone stands at $57,693. Paired with other important fees like books and room and board, the cost of attendance for one year at Stanford is $82,162. To cover these high costs, c
How to apply for federal student loans
The first step in applying for a federal student loan or really any federal student aid is to navigate to the Federal Student Aid page.
How much student debt is there?
Student loan debt is one of the most pressing issues for many students across the country. The average student loan debt, typical student loan payments, and other markers can indicate how severe the loan debt crisis is. Over half of American students leave college with student loan debt. Alternative methods of financial aid such as scholarships become more and more important for struggling students. Understanding the student loan debt crisis can help students budget for the future and explore sc
How to apply for an ROTC scholarship
If you’re part of an ROTC program, you may be able to receive financial aid for your work. Read on to read about how to apply for ROTC scholarships.
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