Blog Posts About Student Loans

Do You Need a Cosigner for a Student Loan?
Discover if you need a cosigner for your student loan. Get insights on securing educational funding without the need for additional support.
When to Apply for a Student Loan
Given how important student loans are for affording college, it is crucial to know the right time to apply, to avoid missing any beneficial opportunities.
Can I Get a Student Loan With Bad Credit?
Most private scholarships credit check to evaluate applicants applying for student loans. While not preferred, a bad credit does not disqualify you completely.
What Is a Good Interest Rate for a Student Loan?
If you’re considering taking out federal or private student loans, check out this article to know what a good interest rate is on student loans.
What Is the Interest Rate for Federal Student Loans?
If you’re considering taking out federal student loans, take a look at this guide to federal student loan interest rates.
How to Get Out of Default on Student Loans
One option for getting your loan out of default is loan rehabilitation. Read more to learn what your other options are for recovering from student loan default.
What Is a Private Student Loan
Before you take out a private student loan, it is important to know all of the details. Check out this article to learn about private student loans.
What Is a Defaulted Student Loan?
Student loans are required to be paid back by borrowers within the time period or they risk it entering default, where it can severely dent financial health.
Which Student Loan to Pay off First?
Every student loan comes with a unique set of terms and conditions. Depending on these agreements there are benefits to prioritizing one over the other to grow your financial health.
8 Tips to Paying off Student Loans
There are practical methods to make your student loan repayment more effective and ensure you make the most of each payment.
What Is a Federal Student Loan?
Before you take out a federal student loan, check out this article to understand everything you need to know.
Can You Pay a Student Loan off Early?
Upon taking out a student loan, the lender will outline an agreed upon time frame to which borrowers are obligated to pay by, which can be paid earlier if applicable.
How Long Do Student Loans Stay On Your Credit?
While student loans can be an unwelcome sight on anyone's credit, it won’t stay there forever. Read on to see how long student loans stay on your credit.
How Many Days After Missing a Student Loan Payment Do Your Loans Go Into Default?
Knowing the flexibility of your loan payment schedule can help you stay on top of your finances. Check out this guide to learn about loan defaulting.
How Does Student Loan Interest Work?
Understanding student loan interest rates can help you understand how much money you will spend to borrow money.
How Much Are Student Loan Payments?
As you weigh your financial aid options, you should consider how much your potential student loan payments will amount to.
What Are the Best Student Loans?
Generally speaking, the best student loans are the ones that cost you the least. Read more to learn about the best student loans.
What Happens if You Default on Student Loans?
Defaulting on student loans can be devastating for your financial and personal well-being. If you're considering skipping a student loan payment or have stopped paying your student loans, you should know what can happen if you default on federal or private student loans.
What Can a Student Loan Be Used For?
There are a variety of ways students with federal student loans can spend their student loan money. First and foremost, loan funds will be used to pay for education expenses.
Can You File Bankruptcy on Student Loans?
Figuring out the best way to deal with your student loans can be difficult. Read on to learn if you can legally file bankruptcy on student loans.
College Students Graduating With the Least Debt
It’s no secret that college in the USA leaves many in debt. However, in this guide we’ll discuss which college students are graduating with the least debt.
Can You Refinance a Federal Student Loan?
It's possible to refinance your student loans. Check out this guide to learn more about refinancing a federal student loan.
How Do I Know if Student Loans Will Take My Tax Return?
If you have defaulted student loans, you may not receive a tax refund. Read more to learn how student loans may take your tax return.
How to Check Balance of Student Loans
Knowing the balance of your student loans can help you stay organized about your finances. Read on to learn how to check your student loan balance.
Does Bankruptcy Clear Student Loans?
As you manage your finances, you may be wondering how a declaration of bankruptcy can affect your student loans. Check out this guide to learn more.
How Long Are Student Loans Deferred?
Deferment has a big effect on how you address your student loans. Check out this guide to learn how long student loans are deferred
Are student loans tax deductible?
Deducting your student loans from your taxes could help you save a lot of money. Read on to learn if your student loans are tax deductible.
How many people have student loans?
Currently, there are roughly 42.8 million student loan borrowers in the United States alone. Specifically, the average public university student takes out $32,000 to receive their bachelor's degree.
How are student loan payments calculated?
By learning about how student loan payments are calculated, you can prevent potential errors in your payments, saving you time and money.
Should I consolidate my student loans?
There are many ways you can deal with your student loans, and as you consider your options, you may be wondering if you should consolidate your student loans.
What are unsubsidized loans?
As you look into different financial aid options, you should learn about the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans.
Do I qualify for student loan forgiveness?
Student loan forgiveness has been a popular topic of discussion as of late. Check out this guide to see if you could qualify.
What happens to student loans when you die?
Education debt in America is a long-fought battle, with only 24% of adults in the United States having completely paid off their student loan debt, whether private or federal. Paying off student loans completely can take years, but anything can happen during that time. While it can be a heavy subject to imagine, most borrowers aren't sure how death affects their student loans. Depending on what kind of loan you take, the answer differs. It is important to understand what happens to student loan
When will student loans be forgiven?
If you are hoping to be forgiven for your student loans, you will likely be wondering when student loans will be forgiven. Read on to find out.
When referring to student loans, what is a grace period?
Knowing how your student loan payments will be scheduled can help you stay on top of your finances. Read on to learn about student loan grace periods.
What happens if you don't pay student loans?
Paying off your student loans can be complicated, so you may be wondering about what happens if you don’t do so. Check out this guide to learn the answer.
What is the average interest rate on a student loan?
Being aware of the student loan interest can help you understand your own finances. Read on to learn about the average interest rate on a student loan.
When do you have to start paying student loans?
As the time to repay student loans approaches, you should be sure to note when you have to start paying those student loans.
When Does Interest Start on Student Loans?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
When does student loan repayment start?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
How to take out a student loan
Student loans are a popular option for college students, so as you consider your financial options, check out this guide on how to take out a student loan.
Is student loan forgiveness real?
The topic of student loan forgiveness has been hotly debated for several years now, and as you plan your future, you will need to know if it is a reality.
Can you use student loans for rent?
Student loans alleviate much of the burden of tuition, but attending college has many other expenses. Read on to learn if you can use your loans to pay rent.
How long does it take to pay off student loans?
Loans make it possible for thousands to attend college, but paying them off can take time. Read this guide to learn how long it takes to pay off student loans.
Does paying a student loan build credit?
A good credit score will make your future finances much easier to manage. Check out this guide to see if paying your student loans can help boost that credit.
How to apply for federal student loans
The first step in applying for a federal student loan or really any federal student aid is to navigate to the Federal Student Aid page.
How much student debt is there?
Student loan debt is one of the most pressing issues for many students across the country. The average student loan debt, typical student loan payments, and other markers can indicate how severe the loan debt crisis is. Over half of American students leave college with student loan debt. Alternative methods of financial aid such as scholarships become more and more important for struggling students. Understanding the student loan debt crisis can help students budget for the future and explore sc
The Ultimate Guide on Student Loan Forgiveness in 2023
The nation's student loan debt grows six times faster than the nation's economy. Click to learn how student loan forgiveness works today!