Our Mission

Student Debt

The average student today will graduate more than $30,000 in debt and is far less likely to start small businesses, seek the highest impact careers, buy homes, or start families.

At Bold.org, we believe that’s a problem worth solving.

Unlocking opportunity
The world is full of incredible people who are an opportunity away from making a huge positive impact. By enabling anyone and any company to create targeted scholarships, fellowships, and grants, Bold.org unlocks that opportunity.
Broadening access
Students around the country are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need. By enabling students to fund their education through exclusive funding opportunities, Bold.org broadens access to that education in an affordable and sustainable way.

Solving difficult problems in education and philanthropy.

Fight student debt by building alongside students and donors, moving quickly, and taking ownership as part of a global remote team.

If that resonates, we’re always hiring.

Meet Our Team

Abby Finger
Alberto Vilano
Alice Sun
Social Media
Amanda Howard
Public Relations
Arthur Chan
Ben Schneider
Donor Philanthropy
Breanden Beneschott
Cofounder & Director
Calvin Rosser
Donor Philanthropy
Denis Grosz
Cofounder & Director
Dmytry Pokhylets
Dror Liebenthal
Cofounder & CEO
Elisha Singh-Kramer
Elizabeth Brenneman
Emily Taintor
Hailey Serrano
Social Media
Irina Filippova
Isabel Tenney
Social Media
Jessica Loy
People Operations
Julia Adams
Julie Rathert
People Operations
Khamari Hadaway
Luka Horvat
Orestis Ioannou
Rafael Quintanilha
Vibhu Arul
Data Science

Campus Advisory Board

Christine (Hoyt) Friedman
Director, Enrollment at Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Dale Gaubatz
Executive Director of Admissions at Colorado School of Mines
Greg Orwig
Vice President, Admissions & Financial Aid at Whitworth University
Jonathan Burdick
Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell University
Kevin Coughlin
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services at Florida International University
Rodney Morrison
Vice President for Enrollment at University of Delaware