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Braxton W.
3 months ago
What are the updated COVID policies for Ivy Tech CC?

Majors offered at Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo

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Student reviews of Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo

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Safe campus
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Accessible for students with disabilities
Good work-study options
Rebecca Braun
Hiking And Backpacking
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The staff and employees of Ivy Tech are always so helpful and kind to me as a student. My academic advisors never hesitate to answer my questions and always respond quickly to my emails.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I dislike the 8-week options being forced for math courses. Everything left forced and rushed for those classes. Outside of math courses, I love the 8 week-long courses.



IvyTech responded very quickly to the pandemic. The teachers learned how to use Zoom and even YouTube to teach classes. It was a tough time making a little easier by a solid response. Now, including the cost of books in the tuition is a brilliant move.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I didn’t like that there was no place to get food except a vending machine and bookstore. An on-campus restaurant would be great.

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