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Blinkist Review 45 Reviews

Blinkist is a secret weapon for accelerating your life and career. It puts key insights from 3,000+ of the world's best non-fiction books at your fingertips. Read or listen to 15-minute summaries on top books across genres like Personal Development, Career & Success, Education, and more. With built-in audio and a slick mobile app, it's a great way to learn fast while on your way to class. With a 7-day free trial, it's easy for you to see if the app is for you.

Exclusive Deal
Get 20% off with a 7-day free trial.
Why we love it
Blinkist is an amazing productivity and learning tool. Their library includes amazing books that will prepare you to excel, and the app is far cheaper than it would be to buy the same books individually.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

45 reviews

LOVE this - incredibly helpful and time saving.

I’m a full time student with a 16-hr / week internship and a 5-10 hr / week job to pay bills. I have learned the art of skimming well. But with Blinkist I save even MORE time for myself. I’m a much more audio learner too, so the option to listen to summaries has changed my reading experience. Thank you!

Nice tool

Though useful, it does cost money. The 7 days free trial can give you a head start and a good feel of the application.

Godsend for STEM Students, Crutch for Everyone Else

Almost everyone in or around college knows this all to familiar story of the Engineering major that's taking all these hard labs, math, and science courses and as a result has neither the time nor the energy to read that silly book that will surely never help them. To that student, this would be a perfect tool: an incredible time saver. However, for anyone else I fear this could become an incredible crutch. Being able to read and understand books in a short amount of time is a skill everyone should have. Likewise managing to fit in reading into a busy schedule is an important skill. If you could really effectively distill the lessons of a book into such a short time, there wouldn't be books. There's just not much long term value to be had from this.

Mostly Great!

I think that this product is really smart and effective! I know a lot of people, including myself, like to learn but just have a harder time sticking to something like reading a book and digesting the information within it. Blinkist is great because it is like audible in ways because it reads to you. It's unlike audible, but is slightly better because of its ability to basically pull out the key things to know and understand so that it is easier for you to understand. It's also a plus because it can stuff the important things to know within a pretty short period of time, so if you are on the go or about to be on the go, then this is a good product for you. Like many other people writing reviews for this product, the downside is that you have to pay for it. Other than that I would fully recommend this product like I am doing right now!

Great concept, but you have to pay

Great concept and resource but you have to pay, which let's be honest, is tough for students.

Great tool, worth the price.

I finished the seven-day free trial and personally, I found Blinkist to be a very helpful and engaging service. Up to the individual whether or not to pay but would definitely recommend for avid readers and lovers of audio-books.

Great nonetheless costs money

I would recommend it to users who like to listen rather read a whole book. Too hard? Too long? Complex words? Well, this is the best text summarizer there is. It simply gives you the summary of the book your reading. But there is a catch, you need to pay to access this service. If you got enough money, you're good to go. I highly suggest this site to people who don't have the time to read a book or to those who have work or school.

Pretty useful but costs money

I tried the free trial for Blinkist, and it helped me when reading my summer reading books. However, you have to pay to use the product after the free trial, so it might not be worth it for those who are on a budget.

Its great but you have to pay

This is very helpful for people who have the money. This can help you with summaries and understanding difficult literary texts!


This app not only makes it easier to know about the books you want, but it helps you understand it. I definitely recommend this for anyone who loves to read.